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The following were corrected in the 2nd printing (April 2013):

Page 80: (2 + 5) change to 觉得

Page 80: (3 +5) change et’s go to Let’s go

Page 91: (Lower left diagram) change to

Page 111: Change [thirteen hundred-thousands] to [thirteen hundred-millions]

Page 124: Change 让下 to 让一下

Page 238: Change Wǒ yào jiě shēngcí to Wǒ yào xiě shēngcí

Page 238: Change 我要记生词 to 我要写生词

Page 326: (38.) Change 一支筷不够 to 一支笔不够

The following will be corrected in the next printing:

Page 149: Change 西莲花 to 西兰花